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                Welcome to JINGHUI technology ...
                aboutus / 公司簡介 More>>

                Guangzhou Jinghui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing garment plotters, we have independent R&D team, and owns many invention patents; We set up our own brand JINGHUI , which includes ink-jet series, cutting series, continuous ink inkjet series, and also continuous ink cutting series. It’s our mission to offer customers the best product. With reliable performance, advanced technology and good service, JINGHUI has gained a huge market share and good reputation in China......More>>

                news / 公司新聞 More>>

                Trade war: The US and China just slapped new tariffs on each other

                JINGHUI TECHNOLOGY Is on alibaba

                JINGHUI will attend " Vietnam Textile & Garment Industry Fair"

                TEXTILE ASIA 2018 ( Karachi, Pakistan), March 2018

                VTG 2017 ( Ho Chiminh, Vietnam ), Nov 2017

              2. 1st floor, the 25th building, Hengmei Industrial Park, Dashi Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China

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